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Thread: mixing authentication mechanisms

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    Lightbulb mixing authentication mechanisms

    ZCS 4.0 RC 1


    For resource calendaring reasons, I would like to login to resource accounts and share their calendars with a 'real' user.

    However I do not want to create a user in our LDAP (we are using the LDAP authentication mechanism)

    Can I specify a single account to use internal auth rather than the domain LDAP auth mechanism?
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    Yes. We also use external ldap authentication. For my Zimbra account I can login using either my external ldap password or my internal local Zimbra password. Both allow me into my Zimbra account If my memory serves me well (hard to tell), the code checks for the internal local password first, and then tests for an external password. But I could have it backward. In any case, not quite the same situation, but it works for me - try it for your situation.


    P.S., this is true for 3.1.4 and previous versions. I have not tried it on version 4.0.
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    Default mixing authentication mechanisms

    I am running Release 4.5.6_GA_1044.RHEL5_64_20070710170037 RHEL5_64 NETWORK edition and having trouble getting this to work.

    Authentication against the external LDAP works fine but Zimbra accounts that do not exist in the external LDAP do not then use the internal password. I just get invalid password errors.

    Am I doing something wrong or does this not work in 4.5.6?


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    I confirm that this works with zcs-NETWORK-5.0.2_GA_1975.

    I have external authentication working on my OpenLDAP (not Zimbra LDAP) server. I'm able to login using my external password or local interchangeably. Works well for imapsync.

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