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Thread: Export all messages as individual files?

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    Question Export all messages as individual files?

    I need to research every email in the server against sender, recipient and carbon copy addresses as a security audit.

    I would like to export all emails in the server as individual files so I can audit each message individually and report on messages that match rules applied to them.

    Is it possible to export all messages in the stores in this fashion?

    If not, is there any method that would yield a suitable replacement for this method?

    Thanks in advance!

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    if your'e not concerned about metadata, every message is in an individual file under /opt/zimbra/store/

    it's then organized by volumeid (probaby 0 for you) and then account id broken up under that. you could probably write a script to find any file with .msg extention under all directories and copy them to somewhere for you to grab.

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