I have a test server that has worked very well, and I have put a fair bit of work into the mailing lists, resources, users, etc. I am planning the move to a production server and would like to be able to 'copy' the test server instance of zimbra over to the production server (new hardware) rather than re-enter all that data on a new instance of zcs.

I didn't see anything in the wiki about 'moving servers', so I thought i'd post here, to ask for help.

The hostname for the production server will be the same as the test server. However, the new server will have more memory and a different IP address.

So here was my initial idea on how to do this (please shoot holes in it!)
- Build production server
- Install zcs
- stop all zcs services on both servers
- change MX record to point to new server (ttl is min)
- delete /opt/zimbra on new server
- copy /opt/zimbra/* from test server to new server
- reboot and cross fingers...

Does zcs contain everything in /opt/zimbra/* besides the /etc/init.d script? Can you just move a server like that?

Thanks for any advice and or pointers to the proper way to do this.