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Thread: zmmailboxmove question

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    Default zmmailboxmove question

    I have been trying to find out what sort of error handling 'zmmailboxmove' performs before exiting. Based on all of the documentation that I have found, the steps are:

    • Run zmmailboxmove
    • Verify that the contents of the moved user look "correct"(implementation left as an exercise for the administrator)
    • Purge old mailbox on previous server.

    I haven't found anything that describes what the states of the initial mailbox and new mailbox are in the event that 'zmmailboxmove' fails and things don't match.

    I know that there is an argument to overwrite the target mailbox; however, is there any way to back out of the move? Or does 'zmmailboxmove' back out and return an error code?

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    until you do a purgeold, the mailbox exists on both servers, and if i recall correctly, the only thing that tells it which one to use is the attribute zimbraMailHost. Thats the last thing zimbra changes so if the move fails, it never tells it to use the target host, and should you need to revert you can just switch that back

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    Is there a means by which to remove the target host copy? Or is there an automated process that deletes "orphaned" mailboxes? I hate leaving "droppings" on systems, and depending on the reason for the failure, it may be decided that the move should not take place.

    If there isn't, would this manual process work:
    • Change the zimbraMailHost to the original mailbox server.
    • Change the zimbraMailboxLocationBeforeMove to have the hostid and mailboxid on what was the target host.
    • Issue the 'zmmailboxmove -po' at the host which was the target host.

    Or is there a better way?
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