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Thread: pdf attachment size changed

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    Default pdf attachment size changed

    Hi All,

    i have a pdf attachment sent from outlook to zimbra. I cannot open the pdf attachment in Zimbra. I compared the attachment after being sent to zimbra with the original pdf document and detected that it has been changed. If I send the pdf to other mail-servers it works fine.

    This is a part of the original pdf document:

    And here is the part of the pdf document after zimbra has received it
    It seems to occur at a hex 2E (.) character which gets duplicated(..). This happens multiple times. The size of the original document is 861.619 bytes and the size of the modified version is 861.717 bytes. So an increase of 98 bytes.

    What is happening here and what is the solution?

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    I have been searching the bug reports and found one that looks similar to my problem: Bug 15612 &ndash; zimbra corrupts pdf generated by ms office with acrobat distiller

    But the problem is not exactly the same, as mine is occurring at the dots and in the bug report it has to do with <cr/lf>.

    Zimbra version: Release 6.0.7_GA_2470.UBUNTU8 UBUNTU8 FOSS edition

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