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Thread: junk mail in junk folder

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    Question junk mail in junk folder


    Can it be possible that the user can see or view or get the reason, why the received mail was detected as junk. If yes, then how can we view that or from where i.e. from frontend or backend. Kindly let me know if it is checked in any where in /opt/zimbra. Bcoz we are not able to get the reason of the junk mail detection in zimbra.log or amavisd.log or ..

    We have checked the header and have got :

    X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=6.772 tagged_above=-10 required=6.6
    tests=[ALL_TRUSTED=-1, BAYES_99=3.5, DEAR_SOMETHING=1.973,
    FM_IS_IT_OUR_ACCOUNT=2.299] autolearn=no

    Anyone plz ?

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    Question junk mail related settings

    Also, if anyone can let me know about spam settings i.e. spamassassin or dspam.

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    I have the same thing on my website's özel ders webmail function.
    When i send an e-mail to my users from özel ders ilanları they found it from their junk e-mail folder. It makes me a little angry but i am searching the solution.

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    I just responded to the other message you posted in the Zimbra Desktop forum.

    Check that out for my answers, since I'm not repeating myself on a double-post.

    As far as settings, there is a whole bunch of info on the Wiki
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