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Thread: Prevent receiving emails by account name

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    Default Prevent receiving emails by account name

    I have an account called This account receives huge number of spam messages. I would like to prevent receiving emails by this account name, and use aliases instead.

    Please note that changing the account name is not possible. I'm running Zimbra 5.0.2.

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    Other than adjusting the spam filter rules to drop more of the spam, I cant see any way to make this work.

    It's possible that you could do something at the postfix level, but I could see problems with it as postfix would get itself into a loop. ie:

    Drop all mail delivered to "realaccount@domain. com"
    Send all mail delivered to "alias@domain. com" to "realaccount@domain. com"

    which clearly wont work.

    Hopefully someone can prove me wrong

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