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Thread: Help using zmbkpose hot backup on OS Zimbra

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    Default Help using zmbkpose hot backup on OS Zimbra

    I have been trying to get Rubens Alonso Filho script from the wiki section working for Hot backup of individual or all accounts. I have changed the CONF file to the settings for my system but am having trouble running the "zmbkpose" bash file on the Ubunutu 9.1 server. I get the following error:

    andy@ZIMBRA1:/etc/zmbkpose$ bash zmbkpose
    : command not found
    : command not found
    'mbkpose: line 26: syntax error near unexpected token `
    'mbkpose: line 26: `show_help ()

    I also tried using ./ but get:

    andy@ZIMBRA1:/etc/zmbkpose$ ./zmbkpose
    -bash: ./zmbkpose: /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

    Sorry if I am making some silly error but does anyone else use zmbkprove ok?


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    I am also interested into zmbkpose ZCS backup and also restore options. Anybody already using it?
    Any problems, issues?
    Any info about how long does it take to backup mailboxes?

    Seems promissing, but I miss restore to different (temp) mailbox.

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