I currently run zimbra in a vmware-server-environment and performance is rather pure. Especially since upgrading to 6.0.x a few months ago.

I am thinking about switching to a vbox-environment, but actually I would prefer to have zimbra running directely on the host-server and not in a virtual environment.

But: On this server there are a few other services running:
* apache2
* sendmail
* mysqld

All this services would interfere with zimbra. But I've enough IP-adresses at hand so it would work like a charm if I could bin all zimbra-services to a certain IP-adress. I found various howtos in the internet, but most are related to zimbra 5.x

* Has anyone done this on 6.0.x?
* Any reason why I should not do it?
* Is there a simple way how to do it? Probably a way that survives zimbra-updates?
* any ideas why this feature is not included in zimbra? (To me it seems like this would make perfectly sense when one could choose "bind zimbra to IP" in the initial setup-dialog)

thnx a lot for any reply.