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Thread: Pop dies randomly on suse EL 9

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    Default Pop dies randomly on suse EL 9

    I'm running suse 9 EL with zimbra 3.1.0 (I know it's an old version) in order to get the ok to upgrade I need to be able to show my boss it will help with the problem we have.

    For some reason we have POP die once every week or two at random times. I can't find any reason for this, for a while I thought it was a network issue (large numbers of clients not closing the connection properly). Stopping zimbra, syncing filesystems and restarting zimbra was enough to clear it up.

    Lately it's gotten worse, the last time this happened was between 2:00 and 2:08 pm today and I can't find anything in the logs showing what's causing it. Due to the apparently random nature I can't readily pull a stack trace.

    The server is stopped everynight about 4am for backup purposes and restarted as soon as backups are complete so I don't think it's an out of memory problem, otherwise it should happen more frequently (or am i mistaken here?).

    I'm attaching output from /var/log/zimbra.log , cpuinfo, and meminfo

    If anyone can point me in the direction of either a fix or help me figure out at least what is causing it PLEASE do. I've been fighting with this for about 2 1/2 months with no luck. Even searching forums I've found similar problems but they were memory related and I see no java out of memory errors in logs.

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