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Thread: more then one entry in Web mail MTA Hostnames: ?

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    Question more then one entry in Web mail MTA Hostnames: ?

    My primary is working fine.Now i just added secondary into same server , while sending mail from both domain the SMTP header showing Received FROM: ( primary's MX) (is it ok?)
    but after adding secondary's MX into
    Admin Panel > Servers > MTA > Web mail MTA Hostnames:
    so now Web mail MTA Hostnames: have two entries and ( can i have more then one hostnames?)
    After this if now i am sending mail from then SMTP banners having and sending mail from it will showing in LAST Received From: header and other Received From: having still ( is this correct )

    As my is for regular mailing and is for bulk mailing so i don't want that will create any problem for
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