I have a question/idea. After many years of email administration, I have not seen this before that I can recall, but I was wondering if Zimbra had somethig along the following:

Users sometimes get large files. For example, a company emails me a patch/whatever, and they/I have no FTP site. Or I get a presentation email or whatever. The email will of course bring me over quota (we do not have infinite storage, and we have 17000+ users). How about a one time large file feature. Say I have a quota of 512MB. I am sitting at 300MB. Some user tries to email me a 400MB file. My email rejects it as I will go over quota. It would be nice if Zimbra would accept the file, not count it against my quota (you could set how large the file would be for this to happen), but it would also email me a note (or put it in the msg) stating that I have so many days to delete this email after I read it or it will delete it for me. That way, I get the file, I have time to download it, and then I can delete it or Zimbra will for me. My quota does not change, and I get the file, and it does not stay on the server eating space.

Just a thought. Slap me around if this is stupid or it is already implemented and I just do not see it.