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Thread: Use Canonical as displayed email in client...

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    Default Use Canonical as displayed email in client...

    Is there a parameter or other method to tell Zimbra Web Client, et al., to use the canonical address and/or Display Name for a given account in the various dialog boxes?

    Some context:

    Our organization has had many, many problems with name clashes in our various systems. (John Johnson Sr., John Johnson Jr., John Johnson III, and John Johnson (no relation)). To assist with this, we use unique employee ID's, in the form X###### (ex; F90210). We're using this as the UserID in Zimbra, and then we add aliases and a canonical address to make everything look "nice." We've changed the autocomplete LDAP map so that autocomplete shows the canonical address, and that works well.

    What isn't so hot, is the Shared Item dialog boxes. If I go into 'Preferences' to see who I've shared my calendar with, it shows the completely nondescriptive alphanumeric user id, not the nice, readable canonical address.

    Anything I can do about this?

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    Hi bighorton,

    we also used canonical addresses for some time.
    But actualy we changed our accounts to use personas.

    This might be a good idea, because when upgrading your zcs to 6.0.7 you will not find a "canonical"-field in the adminUI any more.
    (Have a look at )

    How to do?
    1. go to your adminUI
    2. remove the canonical entry from one of your mailboxes
    3. go to configuration::mail-options::mail-sending and mark "send mails from all addresses ok"

    3. then go into this mailbox -> configuration::mail::accounts
    4. enter your "canonical"-address into the special field for primary-account

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    It's to sad that canonical email address was removed. Canonical email address would be necessary if in GAL search I can setup witch email address use or Account: or Alias: . It would solve this problem when Zimbra server is integrates with Active Directory.

    Persona feature is solution, but email administrator can forget to do this step Go to user mailbox account -> preferences -> account and pickup correct address. Or user can make changes and mail address would be not correct as company mail name standard. And Persona not solve GAL displaying email address issue.

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