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Thread: Modifying URLs of posts in Wiki to match referring URL

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    Default Modifying URLs of posts in Wiki to match referring URL

    I have configured mod_jk to access Zimbra, which works well for almost everything.

    I can access my wiki at:

    But the links to the posts displayed on the main page of the wiki are like:!!

    Nevertheless, I can also access the same page at:!!

    How can I have the wiki to disply link URLs of this type? (that is, without the port number and with just the domain name and not the full hostname).

    Thank-you in advance,

    Chintan Zaveri.


    CentOS 4.3
    Zimbra 4.0.0 GA
    Auth type is http
    I also checked that zimbraMtaAuthURL is
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    Chintan Zaveri
    (Yet another ZIMBRAN!)

    "Dhundhne par Bhagwan bhi ..."

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