Hi guys!

I had a Zimbra 3.1 installed in a machine running SLES9. I have a full backup of the '/opt/zimbra' dir (i did a tar.gz of the whole dir). The thing is i had i disk crashed (completely DEAD!). So now i would like reinstall Zimbra again, but would like to see how it behaves in some other distro like red hat 4.

Does anybody know how i could restore a fully working zimbra server (from a backup) that used to run on sles9 on a newly installed RHEL4? The only thing i have is a full copy of the '/opt/zimbra' dir that used to run under sles9. The servers names will be exactly the same (i read this was important in order to recover in another thread post). How can i copy ALL the data, users, password that used to be in the SLES9 into the newly installed RHEL4?

Can i do this?