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Thread: Restrict sending email by user

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    Default Restrict sending email by user

    Hi, I was implementing postfix restrictions inside zimbra/posttfix to avoid some users can not send email outside internal domain.

    in "" it's well documented

    In this examples, it show how define some postfix statement inside /opt/zimbra/conf/ and ilustrate the postfix statement "smtpd_restriction_classes"

    Nevertheless, when I was using this statement in this case:

    part of /opt/zimbra/conf/ :

    POSTCONF smtpd_sender_restrictions FILE
    POSTCONF smtpd_restriction_classes list1, list2

    (please note that I'm defining two clases "list1" and "list2")

    I did zmmtactl restart and after I execute a "postconf" and I saw that zimbra set just ONE classes "list1" and not the two classes !

    So, I had to move classes definitions from /opt/zimbra/conf/ to /opt/zimbra/conf/

    It's a bug?
    I tried
    POSTCONF smtpd_restriction_classes list1, list2
    POSTCONF smtpd_restriction_classes list1 list2

    in both cases , it load to postfix the first class "list1"

    some ideas?

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    Try Using,
    POSTCONF smtpd_restriction_classes list1,list2
    instead of
    POSTCONF smtpd_restriction_classes list1, list2

    note: without the space in between "list1," and "list2"

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