We are having major grief using Zimbra contact lists with both Evolution and Kontact. We are using Zimbra 6.0.7 on CentOS. Evolution is from Debian Squeeze (testing) heavily patched to handle CalDAV and WebDAV properly with Zimbra. Kontact is heavily patched from the Trinity project (trinity.pearsoncomputing.net) to implement both CalDAV and CardDAV for Zimbra interoperability.

When a Zimbra user creates a contact list (this is not a distribution list created from the administration console but a user created group of users), Evolution and Kontact are able to access the group but it shows up as individual users and with invalid syntax. Let's say I create a group named #MyGroup with members john@mycompany.com and denise@mycompany.com. If I try to add #MyGroup to an Evolution or Kontact email, it will give me two users, not one group. Those users will be #MyGroup<"john"<john@mycompany.com>> and #MyGroup<"denise"<denise@mycompany.com>>.

If I create the group in Kontact, nothing appears in Zimbra.

If I create the group in Evolution, Zimbra misinterprets it as a single user with multiple email addresses rather than as a group.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a workaround or patch available to correct the behavior? Is it simply a misconfiguration on our part?

Evolution connections are define similarly to:

Kontact connections are defined similarly to:

Thanks - John