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Thread: Mail Client LDAP Configuration for Address Book

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    Default Mail Client LDAP Configuration for Address Book

    Dear All,

    I am using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 64bit OS. and Zimbra 6 version with 64bit edition.
    I have a issue in terms of using address book of Zimbra Server on Microsoft Outlook and other mail client like Thunderbird.
    I have followed this URL
    Mail Client LDAP Configuration - Zimbra :: Wiki
    but now result of Zimbra users address has come.
    Is there any other solution to used Zimbra address book on Outlook or other mail client.



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    Please update your forum profile with the output of the following command (do not post the output in this thread):

    zmcontrol -v
    You've also posted this in the wrong forum, as it's not a question about ZImbra Desktop I'll move it for you.


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