Attempting to upgrade a 6.05 server to a 6.07 server (OSR). Appears to fail and loop when it attempts to restart the LDAP server:

Stopping ldap...done.
Upgrade complete.

Running bdb db_recover...done.
Running zmldapapplyldif...failed.
Checking ldap status....not running.
Starting ldap...failed with exit code: 256.
hdb_db_open: database "": db_open(/opt/zimbra/data/ldap/hdb/db/id2entry.bdb) failed: Invalid argument (22).
backend_startup_one (type=hdb, suffix=""): bi_db_open failed! (22)
bdb_db_close: database "": alock_close failed
[repeat from 'Running bdb db_recover...done.]
This continues until I break out of the install. I am running Ubuntu 6.06 LTS 32bit.

Some additional info:

The server has a commercial Cert.
The server started as a 5.x server.
Their are no 3rd party extensions installed.

Any ideas on what I should check, or what might be the problem? Everything appears fine under 6.05.

Thanks in advance.

Stuart Sheldon