I recently began experimenting with Zimbra with a little startup. There are some inherent challenges: mostly Mac users (me - XP/Linux only), poor testers, poor communicators and tech phobic. We are spread around the country and have no Remote Desktop Sharing ability.

For these reasons, I'm not quite sure how to interpret the following feedback I received today:

Just FYI, with Zimbra on a Mac, you have to deal with each email. There is no place and no way to click on a group and delete or move, such as with Yahoo. Its a real pain actually. If you click on an email, it opens it too. I'm just not that impressed with it I hate to say.
It's totally unclear to me if this person is referring to the Zimbra web interface, or to a client on her Mac (Entourage or Thunderbird). Nor do I even know how these client apps are actually supposed to handle these kinds of functions.

Can someone do me a favor and help me interpret what might be happening and what to recommend? Even with all of these uncertainties, I'm 99% certain this is just a training issue, but for various reasons I need to do my best to suck it up and hold their hand.