I hope I'm asking this question in the correct forum.

We're wondering if Zimbra can be configured so that two users can have a shared address book and calendar, and use the existing Cyrus IMAP server for all other email capabilities. (This is because our email server is also used by people in another department to handle all our company email, but the other department does not have our sharing requirement. Plus, it's very unlikely the owner is going to support the idea of switching over to Zimbra for all company mail. Cyrus works fine. Our two departments have separate program development servers, but a single email server.) We'd be looking at using the Zindus add-on for Thunderbird, but haven't ruled out using the Zimbra client.

There are times when we have a need to share emails (when forwarding doesn't make sense, like wanting to see open product incident emails with a vendor) so sharing folders would also be helpful. We'd envision (if this is possible) to establish a shared folder on Zimbra that we could copy/move emails from our current IMAP folder to a Zimbra folder.

We're currently using Outlook 2000 for these three capabilities (shared contacts, calendar, folders) but it's become too prone to crashing.

We would want to use our department's in-house server for Zimbra sharing tasks because we have sensitive information in contract entry notes, and some notes can get a bit lengthy. If it wasn't for the sensitive nature of the contact notes, we would use Zindus to sync with Google Contacts, and another add-on to sync with Google Calendar.

We'd want to be able to start typing a person's name and have Thunderbird or the Zimbra desktop client look in the Zimbra shared contacts to get the email address.

Can Zimbra be configured to do this? If so, can someone give me an overview of the steps?