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Thread: Problem Creating Multiple Domains.

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    Default Problem Creating Multiple Domains.

    This is my first time using Zimbra. It's a fresh install.

    I have not yet pointed my NAT router to the zimbra server since its not fully configured. I'm still running Mail Enable for now which is hosting all of my domains.

    I do have split dns configured correctly on my Zimbra box using BIND.

    Can anyone point me to a How-to section for creating domains? I found where I am supposed to do it....but I'm a little confused. When I go to @Domains, I see the default one listed there "". I want to create since my email address that everyone knows is

    When I click on New, I see where I am supposed to enter my Domain. And I'm guessing that Public Service Host Name is the FQHN of my mail server? If that is the case.....then would also go there. However, I have a split DNS configured that references private IP addresses for it's mx record. The split DNS does contain a forwarder that points to an outside DNS server.

    I have 5 domains to configure. Do I need to create MX records for them (which point to my private IP address) in BIND as well? Or will zimbra know to search the public DNS servers for those records since I have a forwarder configured in BIND? All of my domains emails are handled by

    I need to configure multiple all of the names are being hosted by godaddy DNS servers.

    Also, do I need to put in the Inbound SMTP host name field? I wasn't sure how that field was used based off what I read in the description.
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    If you only have a single server, don't worry about setting the public server hostname.

    You also shouldn't need an MX record (inside your network, still need external to Zimbra!) for each domain inside your ZCS install. You should be able to just add the domain name and status (Active) in that window and click finish.

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    haha...yeah I'm a super n00b.

    thanks man.

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