Hi, I have a split server - mailbox node and mtas/proxies in front runinng ngnix. Everything seemed ok until I switched zmtlsctl from http to mixed.

First I had to find out, I need to rerun zmproxyconfig with -x mixed as the includes in conf/nginx/includes were still pointing to mode-http. I didn't find this to be intuitive as I thought that you need to do that only at inittial proxy setup, not also at zmtlsctl changes (hint - a small note in the docs about proxy setup wouldn't hurt).. But yes, the includes seem ok after that..

Ok, I just fixed this one (while posting, talk about multitasking ), but will write it down anyway as someone else might have same trouble.

The symptoms were such:
- when i went to http://fqdn/ i got a 302 redirect to https://fqdn/?zminitmode=http which is OK
- when the browser requested this new HTTPS URI, I got a 302 again redirecting me to https://fqdn:8443/?zminitmode=http&zinitmode=http which of course was nonexistent

Went browsing the guts to see where this port 8443 was coming from and was just about to ask for help here when I got a desperate idea of perhaps reruning zmproxyconfig on the mbox node as well and it started working..

So, bottom line, when in a multi node environment, rerun zmproxyconfig on all nodes every time you change zmtlsctl mode!