I'm new here and I have a question that I'm hoping somebody can answer for me.

I currently run a centos server and I've been looking for a software that can offer exchange compatible email services. After some looking around I came across zimbra which looks like it could be what I'm looking for. I know Centos isn't officially supported but I can see that most people have success using the redhat distro.

My question is hopefully a simple one. I already have various email account on my server. I use an iphone and the only way you can get instant push email is either by paying apple which also means you have to use their .me email address or by using an exchange compatible server to 'patch' the existing imap mail to exchange type server. I've been doing this through a paid subscription over the last year or so which has worked well. The subscription has now come up for renewal and it seems daft to pay if I can install suitable software on my own server.

Can zimbra do this? I want to use my existing imap / pop email account and just get zimbra to sync into it and provide me with exchange compatible email for my iphone. I notice there is an IMAPsync section but I'm not quite sure if that's what I'm looking for. Also I need to leave the standard imap / pop server running for all the other clients on my server.

I hope I've explained clearly enough so you understand what I'm asking

I look forward to your replies.

Thanks in advance