Hi! I just inherited a Zimbra installation on Ubuntu, and I am triying to make sense out of what I have. I do have a lot of experience on Windows sistems with Exchange, but just a little in Linux and Zimbra.

The server currently sends and receives emails, but it is not authenticating via SMTP. From what If found in the forums, what I need is to regenerate my keys as stated here:

Mail Queue Monitoring - Zimbra :: Wiki

I also seem to be having problems with the integrity of the DB, as mentioned here:


Now the problem I have is that to follow the recomendations from those links, I need to log in as zimbra, and it looks like the user does not exist on eht server!

When I log in via root, and su zimbra, I get:
su zimbra
 Unknown id: zimbra
So I checked /etc/passwd and there is no user zimbra there.

I also tried to find files in the HD created by zimbra, and found none. All files under /zimbra/opt/zimbra are created by root or polkituser.

Now, I am asuming that zimbra was installed via root, and the user zimbra was never created. From what I have read in these forums, I should NOT do the steps mentioned in the links above via root. So my question is, should I run it as root? Should I create the zimbra user? Any other recomendations?

Thanks in advanced!