We are in the process of CASifying (SSO, CAS | Jasig Community) some of our services and ran into some issues with CASifying Zimbra. We currently have 2 mailbox servers hooked up to a Zimbra Proxy that redirects the user based on their mailbox to the correct mail server (IMAP/POP/HTTP). We have gone through the documents to CASify Zimbra v6, but our web developer hit a road block with ticket retrieval from Zimbra. Our preauth, along with the CAS client is hosted on both Zimbra mailbox servers (not the proxy, is this the problem?). Upon login, the user hits the proxy and is correctly redirected to CAS, logs in and is granted a ticket, but the proxy is unaware of the ticket, since the ticket is issued to the mailbox server, not the proxy. Does anyone have any solution for this or experience with CASifying Zimbra in a proxied Zimbra environment?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are running CAS 3.3.5 and Zimbra 6.0.6.

Thank you very much!