i have created a galsync account with multiple datasources.
2 of the datasources are zimbra servers for separate subdomains
the last datasource is an old LOTUS NOTES LDAP server
which was for temporary during the migration to the zimbra server.

now i want to remove the LOTUS NOTES as a datasource,
but i cannot find a way to do this without deleting the whole galsync account first and redoing the settings for the other datasources...

zmgsautil: {command}
createAccount -a {account-name} -n {datasource-name} --domain {domain-name} -t zimbra|ldap [-f {folder-name}] [-p {polling-interval}]
createDataSource -a {account-name} -n {datasource-name} --domain {domain-name} -t zimbra|ldap [-f {folder-name}] [-p {polling-interval}]
deleteAccount [-a {account-name} | -i {account-id}]
trickleSync [-a {account-name} | -i {account-id}] [-d {datasource-id}] [-n {datasource-name}]
fullSync [-a {account-name} | -i {account-id}] [-d {datasource-id}] [-n {datasource-name}]
forceSync [-a {account-name} | -i {account-id}] [-d {datasource-id}] [-n {datasource-name}]

does anyone know a solution to this problem?