Hi all

We're running the latest Version of ZCS 6.0.7 and the latest desktop ZD2 Beta 4 on Mac particularly.

We're quite interested in the Briefcase feature, but completely unsure what the target use of this is.

We would see it as a company wide file repository that can be easily shared across users for regardeless what type of file. The upcoming Helix 7.0 release directs this feature towards check-in/check-out capabilities and therefore it would get more suitable for teams, let's say it would be something like Sharepoint (the file features) Light.

We've now tested the feature thorougly in the past weeks. The problems are as follows:

- WebDAV (at least on mac) is not accessible in a stable way at all
- Files bigger than some 10 mb are not synced from ZD to ZCS without problems
- Filenames must be closely guarded (dashes, spaces, etc.).
- At least ZD2 B4 can't really access shared files (permission problems, I think there is a bug open for this).

All these problems make it quite hard to open this features to a wider range of users.

Has anyone from the community or from Zimbra thoughts on this topic?