We are migrating to a new domain and the old domain as an alias domain for a period. For example, @newdomain is the main domain, and @olddomain is the old domain as an alias.

I have successfully change to the new domain (newdomain.com) and create the alias for the domain (olddomain.com).

Now, I used one new email account (announcement@newdomain.com) in the new domain to act as announcement. With the attribute of zimbraMailCatchAllAddress in the account, I capture all the email in old domain, and I wanted to do the auto reply for all the user that send email to this old domain.com, to inform them regarding the newdomain.com

Now, with this setting, I could get the email forward to the newdomain.com and also capture one copy in announcement@newdomain.com. But, with the setup of auto reply in this email account doesn't work.

It seems like it doesn't work if the email is not send to the announcement@newdomain.com itself. Because when I send an email to announcement@newdomain.com, the auto-reply is worked.

Please advice me. Thank you.