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Thread: Authentification of external services usinig Zimbra LDAP

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    Default Authentification of external services usinig Zimbra LDAP


    as a LDAP novice I find that most of the discussions and wiki entries are targeted at the question on how Zimbra can be configured to use external LDAP schemes to authenticate Zimbra users.

    I want to do the opposite: I want to have Zimbra as the master and ask the Zimbra LDAP to authenticate users.

    Can anybody please point me to where this is documented?

    My example is Timetsteet NG - it provides the following settings, and I don't have a clue on what to put in:

    Connection Details
    Data entry style: "Normal" or "RFC 2255 URL"

    Chosing "RFC 2255 URL" the example is:

    Is that something Zimbra supports?

    If I chose "Normal", I have to provide these additional settings:

    Scheme: LDAP=Non SSL or LDAPS=Use SSL
    Host: watson
    Port: 389
    LDAP search base (Distinguished Name): dc=watson
    Username attribute to query: cn
    Search scope: Base DN search only (LDAPRead) OR One level search (LDAPList) OR Full sub-tree search (LDAPSearch)
    Protocol Version: (1-3)
    Use LDAP Referrals: (yes/no)
    Fallback to local Authentication on fail: (yes/no)

    The following fields are normally only required for Microsoft's Active Directory LDAP Server:
    Use LDAP by user authentication: (yes/no)
    Bind Username: Bind Password:


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    Can anybody help me out by pointing to some documentation covering the issue of having zimbra as a ldap master and using the zimbra ldap in other applications?

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