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Thread: zimbraNewMailNotification doesn't run with COS.

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    Unhappy zimbraNewMailNotification doesn't run with COS.

    Zimbra Community Edition 6.06 Ubuntu

    I applied the command below to a cos and with no effect.

    zmprov mc cos_name zimbraNewMailNotificationBody "Message important de ${SENDER_ADDRESS}.${NEWLINE}Sujet:${SUBJECT}A:${RE CIPENT_ADDRESS}@${RECIPIENT_DOMAIN}"
    zmprov mc cos_name zimbraNewMailNotificationFrom "name@domain.tld"
    zmprov mc cos_name zimbraNewMailNotificationSubject "Notification de nouveau message"

    I applied the same command to an account with ma instead of mc.
    It modified the 3 fields (from, subject and body) except that in body the variables
    • ${SUBJECT}
    • ${NEWLINE}

    are replaced by an empty value. So the result of :

    Message important de .Sujet:A:@

    There might be some magic.

    I'm stuck.
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