Hey Everyone,

I am running Zimbra 5.0.6_GA_2313.UBUNTU6.FOSS. Since re-installing my ssl certs earlier this week I have been seeing the following error repeated in the log. I am unsure of this was happening before, but I do not think it was.

Aug 26 12:48:59 localhost zimbramon[1720]: 1720:info: zmmtaconfig: Sleeping...Key lookup failed.
I am having an issue where when people E-mail addresses that my alias domain should handle, Zimbra does not accept them. However, if I e-mail these alias domain addresses from within Zimbra it works.

Is my problem related to the above message? Is anyone familiar with my message or the problem I am having?

Example: user@primarydomain.com is an account.
There is another alias domain, secondarydomain.com.
There user, user@primarydomain.com, has a alias for oldusername@secondarydomain.com.
Sending E-mail to oldusername@secondarydomain.com works in zimbra, but not from the outside.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!