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Thread: Problems with message creation (Zimbra 6.0.8)

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    Exclamation Problems with message creation (Zimbra 6.0.8)


    Yesterday it was updated with Zimbra 6.0.7 on 6.0.8 (OSE Debian Lenny). There was a small problem.

    If I after creation of the new message, switch between tabs, and then I am again returned back to the message created by me there is an error.

    In broad gulls anything suspicious hasn't noted.

    Probably it is important. But yesterday I have installed on the server zimlet, there can be this all from for it? (Though and without it too there is an error)

    Help please.
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    Today has tried to do these operations in Firefox. The error as appears but with more detailed description.

    Look a screen.

    Similar problem all the same in zimlet.

    Prompt please, what it is possible to make here?

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