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Thread: Modifying default permissions on shared calendar or creation of a new role

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    Default Modifying default permissions on shared calendar or creation of a new role

    Firstly, I apologise if this has been posted previously - I have not been able to find it.

    I am trying to help a doctor friend of mine who runs ZCS. He is looking to expose his calendar (for appointments) to the public. The idea being is that patients would be able to create appointments but would not be able to modify appointments not made by them. Is this possible? From what I can see the current list of roles does not permit this as the first role that allows editing of a calendar is "Manager" which permits deleting appointments.

    Can any one help - or show me the way to create a customised role or something?

    Thanks heaps in advance..... I hope I've made my question clear but if I haven't please ping me and I'll try to expand.



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    Thanks for posting this problem. At first I thought that if userA edited userB's appointment that it would only save a local copy but I just had a user email me and say that someone deleted her appointment. I work in a school setting where teachers schedule appointments for computer labs etc. and need the functionality that you are describing. I really hope someone can help with this issue.

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