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Thread: After Upgrade Zimbra 5-> 6.07 mail vanishes

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    Angry After Upgrade Zimbra 5-> 6.07 mail vanishes

    After upgrading Zimbra 5.023/SLES10SP1 to Zimbra 6.0.7/SLES10SP3
    mail vanishes in folders ( network & community same) :

    1) I collect backup-mails from ibm-tivoli , every moring they go in one folder. The display says,9 new mails in the folder, you click into the folder: there is ONE mail & after deleting this , the "9 new" vanishes. Where are the other 8?

    2) I have a folder with company letters ( complaints about not functioning industrysoftware:-) ). 4 mails are in. the folder. I get as new one, move it into the folder & Whow the folder is empty.

    Thats the way I like it.
    Can somebody confirm? Any ideas what to check?


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    Point 1) is solved: in View select "by messages" NOT by "thread"
    Seems to be a new feature :-)

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