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Thread: [SOLVED] Forward email filter

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    Default [SOLVED] Forward email filter

    I'm on 5.0.24 zimbra (still haven't modified my tag)

    As I have verified that the "forward to address" option as a email filter is still part of 5.0.24 on our test server I am wondering where I can find the code/skin information to determine the why it has disappeared on our production system. I suspect the problem lies with some customization that was done for a project by a previous system admin. However I do not have access their notes to see what was done and what potential side effects it may have caused. I am hoping that someone can point me in the direction to look for this problem. It would be nice to restore this functionality to our users.

    Thank you.
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    Problem after reviewing issue on my test server indicated that we created our own problem. Skin modifications of the past were incorporated into present patch and stopped the ability to access this function.

    Need to reload default skins and go from there. Marking solved so this doesn't reside in limbo land of unsolved forum postings.
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