Hi, I'm trying to write Disaster Recovery documentation that explains how to restore Zimbra on a system that has had Zimbra v3.1.4 Network Edition reinstalled. But when I get to the part about using zmrestoreoffline, nothing happens; it just returns to the command prompt with no errors, no nothing; it won't even show any help with zmrestoreoffline --help.

I used the following links as references:

Here are my steps so far:

1. Install Red Hat EL 4.
2. Install Zimbra v3.1.4 Network Edition.
3. Stop the services that were automatially started during the installation: zmcontrol stop
4. Copy the /opt/zimbra/backup directory from a backup server/tape/whatever.
5. Update the permissions. I use the following script:
echo Updating permissions...
/bin/chown -R root /opt/zimbra/backup
/bin/chgrp -R zimbra /opt/zimbra/backup
for x in $(ls /opt/zimbra/backup/sessions); do
    chmod 750 /opt/zimbra/backup/sessions/$x/session.dat;
6. Restore the LDAP directory. Use zmrestoreldap -lbs to list the available sessions, and then zmrestoreldap -lb session to restore a session.
7. Restore the system data with zmrestoreoffline -sys
8. Restore the accounts from the latest full backup with zmrestoreoffline -rf -a all -c

Since zmrestoreoffline does nothing, I tried zmrestore after starting the Zimbra services. But the accounts that have messages and folders won't restore:

[zimbra@mail ~]$ zmrestore -rf -a all -c
Error occurred during restore. Check logs for more details.
The following accounts have not been restored:
randy@domain.com <--Alias account with messages & folders
stevee@domain.com <--Alias account with messages & folders
torsten@domain.com <--Alias account with messages & folders

Thanks for any additional info, suggestions and help.