Is it possible to add a POP3 account in the WebUI to another Zimbra server? I have tried and get this error:

Error: d2:CN10:mydomain.net1:O26:Zimbra Collaboration Suite2:OU26:Zimbra Collaboration 544:fromi1283226357000e4:host10:mydomain.net3:icn1 0:mydomain.net2:io26:Zimbra Collaboration Suite3:iou26:Zimbra Collaboration Suite3:md532:C4CCDE2CB8E5FC2E623A3D17BF3A17AB8:mis match5:false1:s10:12832263544:sha140:6CDB2F2DAF6A9 EAFC58B06FE482671FC576921792:toi1314762357000ee

Pop3 access from any other program/device to that server works fine. I have tried POP3S,POP3, and IMAP and get the same error.