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Thread: Modify a meeting without sending mail?

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    Default Modify a meeting without sending mail?

    I have a request from our users to be able to modify a meeting (add notes, fix spelling errors) without sending an e-mail notification to all the invitees.

    Sure, if you're going to change the time or location, sending a notice makes sense, but it would be nice if we could suppress the outgoing mail notification for things that don't affect the other users. They tend to regard it as spam.

    Is there some setting I've missed?

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    On ZCS 6.0.8 (and maybe others), when I edit a meeting in ZWC, there's a checkbox for "Send Notification Email". If you uncheck it, you get a warning that attendees won't see the changes you make; then when you save, no notice is sent.

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    Thanks! I'll keep my eyes peeled when we upgrade to 6.

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