There's not a lot of doc on DSPAM integration in Zimbra. I get the basics, and it works OK once enabled: dspam is hooked into amavisd before SA, so SA uses it to score up or down based on the dspam result. I have some questions:

* Where are the dspam SA scores set? Not, apparently, in conf/spamassassin.

* How does dspam get trained? I see it getting trained out of zmtrainsa, which is good, but that only trains it on ones the SA misses (i.e. messages which users hand-move into or out of Junk). You really want it to train on SA autolearn messages too (really high or really low SA scores). How is that done, if at all? If you don't do that, it'll take a really long time to get to 2500 messages!

* Is there anyone working on Bug 47404 – spam training hangs when training DSPAM where dspam training hangs when running zmtrainsa on a user folder? This is the other way to get dspam trained, and it plain doesn't work at all.

(I'm running Zimbra 6.0.7 on Ubuntu 8.04)