I saw that some admins run Zimbra in HA mode with DRBD because I need some advice:

I have two machines with the same configuration (clone) in Debian Vserver + LVM. On the Vserver host I have a guest running Zimbra vserver on LVM volume (150Gb used on 500Gb) and a guest running a second vserver with Postfix front-end on an other LVM volume.

At this time I sync the entire Zimbra (vserver) LVM and the Postfix (vserver) LVM on slave machine with rsync from master Zimbra and Postfix snapshots.

Now I would like replace this asynchronous sync with DRBD real time sync but the master Zimbra server is in production. DRBD is installed on both machines but not configured, What is the best way to make the migration on DRBD ?

Do I have to stop both machines to copy the master LVMs on slave to get identical filesystems before start DRBD sync ?

Thanks in advance for your advices.