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Thread: POP3 Message Download Debugging

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    Default POP3 Message Download Debugging


    We have about 2000 users and a few of them (mostly management and above) complain occasionally about things like, e.g. Mail is on my blackberry (imap) but I do not have it on my Outlook (pop).

    Now, for me the logical explanation is that the user deleted the mail (either by accident, oversight, or on purpose and does not want to look stupid afterwards). But we can not investigate this in depth because I have no way of telling when which messages gets downloaded via pop to what client.

    I tried setting POP logging output to DEBUG but the only thing I see is how many mails are on the server (e.g. 3) and then RETR 1, RETR 2, RETR 3.

    This numbers do not correspond to any ID so I do not know which mails got downloaded.

    Now, if a messages gets deleted over the POP protocol I see the ID of the message:
    2010-09-01 08:40:11,834 INFO [Pop3SSLServer-24770] [name=XXX;ip=;] mailop - Deleting Message (id=1050957).

    So, what I want is a way to have such INFO mailop messages for retrieval as well (Retrieve Message (id=XXX))

    And I want this to be in INFO debug level because in DEBUG debug level the password of the user is shown!!:

    first it is blocked:
    2010-09-01 08:40:11,735 DEBUG [Pop3SSLServer-24770] [ip=;] pop - command=PASS arg=<BLOCKED>

    then, after the authentication, you see it:
    2010-09-01 08:40:11,776 DEBUG [Pop3SSLServer-24770] [name=XXX;ip=;] pop - +OK server ready (PASS SECRET)

    So, is this feature missing in Zimbra or is there some configuration tweek I did not have found yet?


    Edit: Zimbra, OSS edition, Debian Lenny + Squeeze backported kernel (HP network card firmware problem)
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