Howdy all,
I've been searching around the forums for relevant information about how to setup and maintain a good briefcase implementation for our users.

We have lots of Graphic users who make large image files which must be shared overseas. We do not want to email them.
Zimbra has Briefcase and document functionality which will allow our users to upload these files to the server (like a sharepoint system) and send a link to the overseas users to go retrieve those files. Great function, and a strong strong reason to use ZCS.

The above seems like a great idea, except our zimbra server will not allow users to upload any files larger than 10MB. It error's out with an "attachment too big" message.
The briefcase screen upload screen lets people know that they can upload 100MB files as a default, but it seems to be lying.

I have reset the zimbraFileUploadMax size to 100 MB, but still experience the same error.

Any help or suggestions?
If there is some better search Kung-fu for the answer in other threads, I'd love to see that as well.