I know this has been hashed already out somewhere, and I have been combing archives, so if you know where the redundant info is at please feel free to point me in the right direction.

I have two seperate ZCS machines. zmail.ocdirect.net and mchn39.ocdirect.net. Accounts under the root domains (acntA@zmail. ocdirect.net and acntB@mchn39.ocdirect.net) can IM just fine, however, anyone in another domain cannot:

domain ky-leadernews.com hosted on zmail.ocdirect.net cannot IM to Anyone except accounts on the zmail.ocdirect.net server.

I entered the SRV records on the zmail.ocdirect.net DNS A record.
sRVRecord: 5 0 5269 _xmppp-server._tcp.zmail.ocdirect.net.
sRVRecord: 5 0 5222 _xmppp-client._tcp.zmail.ocdirect.net.

and also on the A Record "mchn39" under "ocdirect.net" domain.
sRVRecord: 5 0 5222 _xmpp-client._tcp.mchn39.ocdirect.net.
sRVRecord: 5 0 5269 _xmpp-server._tcp.mchn39.ocdirect.net.

And they seem to work correctly, but only when talking to the immediate server domain.
The ky-leadernews.com MX record is set to zmail.ocdirect.net and their mail works fine.

The question:
Exactly where should the SRV records be put for a domain on the ZCS server, when their are more than one domain on the ZCS server.