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Thread: Share Addressbook with All users

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    Default Share Addressbook with All users

    I have a huge list (500 people) that have external addresses. I would like to create an addressbook and enter them all into it (if someone has a shortcut for this, I would love to hear that too).

    But then share that addressbook with all 3000 users in my Zimbra environment. Is there a quick way to do that?


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    theres no point and click way to do this. you'd want to have a user to hold the addressbook, i'd suggest making this a generic company user and not one of your acutal users. create the addressbook, add your 500 addresses to it, then you'd have to use zmmailbox to mount the addressbook into everyone's account.

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    Yes, that is exactly how I did it. For the initial load, and to script future updates, is it possible to load addressbook entries comma delimited from the server side? Then I could dump the database nightly to a file and upload new entries, rather than having to manually import them from the web interface.

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