Currently we have a single-server deployment, but we will be expanding this to our offices abroad. These offices are connected via a VPN, but since the WAN connections in some of these offices are a bit "challenged" (Africa, Latin-America), we will do a full install on each node (MTA, mailbox, ldap etc), with the LDAP-master in our Head-Office. We are aware of the disadvantage of read-only LDAP in local offices when their WAN is out, but we can live with that.

So far, everything works as expected, except for one thing: logging. In a default multi-server setup the nodes all log to one server, but since we have limited bandwith in many of these countries, in our case this would be a very bad idea. Therefore we configured the nodes to log locally, which works fine. The issue that now arises however is that the nodes' server-statuses are no longer shown on the "master" server.

To keep a long story short: is there a way to monitor server-status centrally, while keeping the logs on the nodes?