Network edition on RHEL5. v6.0.7

I have some strange shared folder behavior.

Using a FF webclient, Manager shares Inbox and Calendar with Assistant.

Assistant accepts shares in webclient and Manager's Inbox and Calendar show up as expected in Assistant's webclient navigation pain.

However, when Assistant clicks on Manager's Calendar or Inbox, the are empty.

Assistant has "manager" access.

When Assistant hovers mouse over shared Calendar or Inbox, user can see item count and space usage or remote calendar or inbox.

Assistant can add folders to shared Inbox and add events to shared Calendar, but cannot see existing events OR events added by self. Manager user can see own calendar as expected and new events added by Assistant.

Even more interestingly, using ZCO a user can view this same shared calendar or inbox without any trouble.

Browsers tested. FF, Chrome, Safari.

I dug around here, but didn't see anything quite the same.

The Assistant user reports that when I originally set this up, it worked as expected.