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Thread: Change SSL from GoDaddy to StartSSL

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    Default Change SSL from GoDaddy to StartSSL

    My GoDaddy cert is about to expire and I want to change to the free StartSSL. Before I do this, I wanted to find out if anybody has done this before and be sure I'm not going to run into any trouble.

    Also, what is the procedure? Do I have to uninstall the GoDaddy cert somehow and then install the new cert? Can I generate the key needed for the new cert while the GoDaddy cert is installed?



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    Looks like that provider is in the wiki: Installing a StartSSL SSL Certificate with zmcertmgr - Zimbra :: Wiki

    You don't really have to uninstall it per se, but the new certificate will override the old, so make sure you back it up in case something is wrong with the new cert.

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