I"m working with someone with a couple problems, and I think they stem from a failed LDAP upgrade, but you decide.

LDAP isn't binding to loopback address, but is binding to the fqdn and ip address. (Checked DNS and hosts file. Both are fine)
>How? telnet localhost 389 failed; however, telnet x.x.x.x succeeds

zmprov Failes because it can't contact localhost
>zmprov returns i/o exception, conneciton failed.

zmsetup.pl, this error is in the zmsetup log:
ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: LDAP schema violation: [LDAP: error code 65 - attribute 'zimbraCertAuthorityKeySelfSigned' not allowed]) (cause: javax.naming.directory.SchemaViolationException [LDAP: error code 65 - attribute 'zimbraCertAuthorityKeySelfSigned' not allowed])
(many others too)

I'm thinking that the cn for zimbraCertAuthority,etc isn't installed becase perhaps LDAP didn't get upgraded??
I tried running zmetup.pl, zmldapdif, and ldapinit with null results

My question: Do you agree, or not? If you do, how do I force an ldap upgrade?