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Thread: .pst import to Zimbra Desktop

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    Default .pst import to Zimbra Desktop

    Hi guys,

    Not sure if this has been asked or not, I have gone through 8 pages of questions and info but have not found what I am looking for.

    Scenario: Our company currently runs on Domino but all users use Outlook to pop their mail from the server so no mail is stored on the server. my users average pst size is around 2 - 10GB in size.

    I have been testing Zimbra for about a month or 2 and chances are that we are going to moving over to it, but, the import of pst file has been nothing more than a pain. I have downloaded the import utility and have not been able to get any of the mails across.

    I'm running Outlook 2007 and my pst file is around 1.7GB, when I run the import tool it creates all the folders I have in outlook but doesn't import any of the mails, so I have empty folders.

    I have attached the log file. Hopefully one of you can make sense of it.
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    I can't help with the problem you're having, but I can say that I've successfully run the import process on multiple accounts.

    I tried this over a year ago when looking at Zimbra as a possible solution for a client, and ran into issues with importing large mailboxes. Over the weekend though I successfully went through 2 accounts using the ZCSPSTImportWizard-6.0.8_GA_2661 tool (don't know if version numbers matter.)

    I imported my own mail from 2 PST files (archive and outlook.pst) for nearly 3 gigs of mail and the process went cleanly, if a little slow.

    The other one was only 1.2 gigs, but it went without a hickup as well.

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    Its not the answer you (and I) are looking for but

    I will be very pleased to stand corrected but I think that the import wizard only works with the ZCS suite and not standalone desktop which I have taken to be what you are trying to do from the post title, and which is certainly what I am after.

    I certainly have no need to go for a paid for suite and whilst intermediary software seems from other posts to provide part of the answer (thunderbird, google calendar/mail etc) I have not yet seen a convincing "Sticky" quality answer to something that is faced many times over.

    I want to be able to export/import from outlook on a one off basis simply and accurately all the stuff thats in there and leave it behind.

    Lets see if a full response is forthcoming.


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